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Delivering Better Business Solutions

We provide comprehensive, on-demand, procurement and logistics expertise to help your business meet its targets and improve your bottom line.

Our fully managed services transform your procurement process to deliver measurable, sustainable savings.

Our rigorous procurement process and close working relationships with top-tier suppliers ensure you realise significant cost savings that never compromise quality.

Our practical and realisable bespoke solutions guarantee hands-on delivery of your complex procurement service needs, allowing you to focus on your core business competences.

Do it right—do it once

Our Services

Procurement & Supply Chain

Production Line Procurement

Airfreight and Sea Freight Services

Heavy Machinery Leasing

End User Delivery

Supply Chain Management

Consulting Services

Route Surveys and Mapping

Municipal Enumeration and Data Collection

Engineering Project Consulting

Enterprise Software Management

Shop our premium selection of home and kitchen appliances. As the premier provider of Bosch, Siemens, and NEFF home appliances in Nigeria and one of the largest suppliers in the ECOWAS, ECCAS, and EAS regions, Kawai will ensure your home is modern, efficient, and beautiful.

Our wide range of quality Granite and Travertine stone will bring to life your next small home improvement project or large construction endeavour. Let us work with you to meet all of your expectations.

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(Fulani: “only”; “the end”; conveys finality; a preferred state of affairs)

Our name signifies to our clients that we are their first and last stop.

Our reputation means that once Kawai takes on a project, that project is as good as delivered.

Recent Work

Kitchen Appliances

Travertine Stone Pool & Pillars

Granite Countertop Production

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