Our Mission

To deliver significant savings that keep your business flexible

A hands-on approach, deep procurement knowledge, relentless focus, and analytical rigour—we’re exactly what your business needs.

In a fast-moving world with ever-increasing competition, businesses must be agile, adaptable, and ready to act fast. Your supply chain and how you procure your products and services can therefore be the difference between success and failure.

Kawai is committed to finding you the same, or higher quality products to give your business the boost in margins which comes from being better than your competitors.

The expertise and experience of the Kawai team can help your procurement processes become more productive, collaborative, and efficient, so that you reduce your overhead and save money.

Kawai supports a wide range of organisations across different sectors and can help you realise both a healthy cost saving and develop a smarter way of buying.

Why Kawai?

Tailored Solutions

Every organisation is unique, so we’ll listen, analyse, and discuss with you your requirements and only then create the solution that best suits your business needs.

Specialist Sourcing

We not only search for the best value for your expenditure, we also go beyond sourcing generic supplies to find you specialist and bespoke items.

One Stop Shop

The Argentavis team will take your request, source the best product, with the best price and deliver it to your door in the shortest time to streamline and simplify your supply chain.

Competitive Pricing

Our superior buying power and logistical capability can reduce your landed costs significantly.

We Take Control

Our fully hands-on services ensure you can focus on your core competences while we focus on sourcing your products and services. We’ll even manage product installation as well as long-term supplier relationships.

Dedicated and Versatile

Our team comprises passionate and focused professionals with experience in procuring for companies across many different industries.

Our Vision

To drive procurement excellence across multiple sectors

We have one focus: delivering to our clients the best products and services at the very best prices. Our extensive list of suppliers across the UK secure low prices that we pass directly on to you, dramatically lowering your costs and improving your bottom line.

We go above and beyond: we not only secure best prices for your business but we work with you to understand your current and evolving requirements, then we advise and guide you through every aspect of your procurement. We also track product prices and handle suppliers on your behalf, ensuring that we get you the right product with the highest quality at the best possible price.

We have the answers for your business.

By enhancing efficiencies, boosting processes, and reducing costs, we allow you to focus on your core business competencies.

We look out for our clients’ interests and proactively manage these relationships. We provide a fully managed service for your procurement process and are always cognisant of your commercial interests.

Our approach is consistently innovative, adaptive, and responsive. By becoming your only point of contact for your entire supply chain, we enhance your business operations and make you more productive.

We listen.

We guide.

We advise.

As your procurement partner, we help your business identify, deliver, and maintain cost savings through better procurement, adding lasting value to your business.

We aim to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our goal is your success and we have the tools and expertise to realise it.

Serving All Sectors


We help factories and production lines optimise their spending and manufacturing processes by locating reliable and well-priced sources of raw materials, components, and products.


We support organisations within the construction industry, including general contractors, construction managers, civil engineering companies, and project managers.

Real Estate

Our speedy, on-time solutions streamline the internal processes of a wide range of real estate organisations, including sales and marketing companies, brokerage firms, and developers.

Trade Supplies

Our innovative yet process-driven team helps companies improve efficiencies and internal labour costs by seamlessly moving cargo and supplies to last point sales outlets, warehouses, and facilities.

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